Summary of State issues May 2012

Inland Action Sacramento Issues 2012


  • Retain Cal Grants at current level – California college students rely on Cal Grants for their ability to enroll and remain in college. To reduce the funding level will have a devastating effect.
  • Support AB2275 (Achadjian) – extend CalSTRS earning limits for certain experienced retirees.


  • Inland Action strongly supports the completion of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.
  • Support SB 250 (Rubio) – requires the Delta Plan to be completed and released by a proposed set date.

Health Care

  • Inland Action urges the preservation of funds in the State budget meant for disproportionate-share hospitals (DSH)
  • Inland Action supports improved care coordination for “dual eligibles”
  • Oppose SB1285 (Hernandez) – this bill would establish a default reimbursement rate for emergency services that would make it difficult to have fair reimbursement for emergency services by non-contracted hospitals.
  • Support UCR School of Medicine – this facility will make an appreciable difference in health care for one of the most underserved populations in the state.

Economic Development

  • Support SB 1186 (Dutton) – gives property owners time to correct ADA violations before they can be sued.
  • Post-Redevelopment Legislation – legislation must be passed to make necessary changes to the redevelopment dissolution process and new tools for economic development for local agencies must be created.
  • Pension Reform – Inland Action supports, at a minimum, the Governor’s twelve-point pension reform plan.


  • Inland Action supports a container fee as a dedicated source of transportation funds for goods movement. A national goods movement bill would be desirable, but there is a fear that California would not get its fair share.
  • Inland Action supports extending the expedited CEQA process to large transportation projects.
  • California needs to expand the use of toll roads as a source of funding needed transportation projects.
  • Inland Action supports prioritizing the sale of Prop 1B bonds in upcoming bond sales.
  • The Inland Empire would benefit from moving Ontario International Airport to local control.
  • Support AB 1600 (Torres) – this would allow the Metrolink Gold Line to cross San Bernardino County
  • Inland Action strongly supports allocations from the Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA) to assist with San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) shovel ready projects
    • I-10/Tippecanoe Phase 1: $10 million
    • 1-215/Newport Avenue bridge replacement: $3.4 million
    • I-15/Ranchero Road: $21.5 million
    • I-15/Duncan Canyon: $12 million