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History of Inland Action

Norton Air Force Base, circa 1967

On September 17, 1962, a group of 15 public spirited community leaders joined together when news regarding the potential closure of Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California was released. It was apparent that the Air Force Logistics Command was evaluating the base to determine if future military plans would include keeping the base active. For the vast majority of its operational lifetime, beginning in 1942, Norton AFB was a logistics depot and heavy-lift transport facility for a wide variety of military aircraft, equipment and supplies.

To assist and encourage the economic well-being and betterment of the Inland Empire of California.
The closure of this base would mean a heavy loss, both economic and social, to the surrounding areas of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The publisher of The Sun Newspaper, Mr. James A. Guthrie, sent his base/community liaison to report if and how a community could influence Air Force thinking on plans to keep a base open. Based upon the findings of the report, it was determined that an organization of community leaders would be able to weigh-in on the fate of Norton AFB.

In the process of establishing this new organization of community leaders, some wanted to be known as “the Friends of Norton” to identify their close ties to the base. At least one in the group, however, believed their goal should be much more than just a supporter of Norton – rather a group promoting economic development on a broad scale throughout the surrounding area. From that meeting, the name Inland Action was adopted.

Over the years, this group has continued to be a very strong supporter of the military in the area while addressing the broader economic issues of the Inland Empire.

Elected Officials

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