Minutes from July 29, 2014 Executive Committee

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

 Closed Board of Directors Meeting-Executive Committee
 San Bernardino Community College District
114 S. Del Rosa Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408


Present:  Dimitrios Alexiou, Deborah Barmack, Carole Beswick, Tom Brickley, Ken Coate, Dick Hart, Scott Hofferber, Mark Kaenel, Pam Langford, Sue McKee, John Mirau, Lou Monville, Tom Nightingale, John Prentice, Brian Reider and Phil Waller.   

M/S/P: Minutes from April 29, 2014.


Scott Hofferber, Treasurer presented the year to date financials ending June 30, 2014.  He will be remapping reports for ease of use and to consolidate.      

M/S/P: Financials approved as presented


Past due accounts receivable were discussed.  The committee agreed that sending invoices to both the member and their respective financial department will potentially expedite collection of dues.  The committee also agreed that a paper invoice should be sent to those whose account is past due 60 days or more. 


O’Reilly Public Relations has named Allison Ellingson as their Alternate board member.       

M/S/P: Allison Ellingson will serve as the Alternate board member of O’Reilly Public Relations


Chairman Kaenel announced Kristine Scott will now serve as Co-Chairman of the Environment Committee, thus she will no longer be a member-ar-large.  Tom Brickley will continue to serve on the Executive Committee as a Member-at-large.



Proposed new policy:

For the purposes of an Executive Committee quorum, Committee Co-Chairs shall be counted as one vote.

M/S/P: Policy adopted


Meeting definition

Adopt the following definitions of Open, Member Only, and Executive Committee Meetings:

            Open Board Meetings.  These meetings are open to Inland Action “friends” who may wish to join us for a specific speaker. Inland Action members may invite guests to any open Board meeting.  Inland Action maintains lists of members and alternates, as well as other individuals who are routinely notified of open meetings.  

            Member Only Board Meetings.  These meetings are for Inland Action members and alternates only.  The first meeting of each month is a Member only meeting.

            Executive Committee Meetings.  These meetings are intended for Executive Committee members only.  The Executive Committee consists of Inland Action Officers, Committee Chairs, and appointed at-large members.  The Executive Committee meets on the fifth Tuesday of a month.

M/S/P: Definitions adopted.




Communicating Inland Action positions

Adopt the following policy relative to communicating Inland Action positions on legislation, projects/programs, and grants, as discussed at the April 29, 2014 Executive Committee meeting:

            Consistent with the Inland Action Bylaws, the Executive Committee has all powers of the full board, except for (i) changing the By-Laws and (ii) the authority to take a formal position on behalf of Inland Action with respect to any community issue. 


            Staff is authorized to send communications on behalf of Inland Action whenever the Board has an established position on a community issue or piece of legislation.  The full Board shall be notified whenever the Executive Committee or Inland Action staff takes action on behalf of the organization. 


            In those cases where the Executive Committee or staff recommends positions which have NOT been discussed at a Board meeting and action is necessary prior to the next Board meeting, an email will be sent to the membership indicating the pending position based upon the Executive Committee or staff recommendation and that a lack of response by a specific deadline will be considered support for the proposed action. 


            Notwithstanding the above, the Executive Committee and staff should always give careful consideration to any action which would be controversial and/or in potential conflict with the interests of Inland Action members.  Such items should always be referred for discussion at a full Board meeting.

M/S/P: Policy adopted


Circulation of Community Events

Adopt the following policy relative to Announcements and Circulation of Community Events:

            Inland Action consists of over fifty prominent business and community leaders who are engaged in civic, professional, fraternal, and charitable groups.  Members are encouraged to share information about their organizations and events with fellow Inland Action members in the following manner:


            a.         Members are welcomed to make short announcements about community and organizational events during the Announcements item on the weekly meeting agendas.

            b.         Members may request that written invitations be included in the Events Folder circulated at each regular meeting.

            c.         Due to the large number of events, electronic notifications to the Inland Action membership shall be limited to:

  • Events sponsored or co-sponsored by Inland Action. 
  • Events sponsored by Inland Action members or partners; i.e.,

                             IEEP, Mobility 21, The Monday Morning Group, may be posted on the Inland

                             Action web site calendar.

    M/S/P: Policy adopted


    The role of Emeritus members was discussed.  Staff will work on identifying the role.


    The committee members and staff will explore ways to collaborate with IEEP & The Monday Morning Group.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:38a.m.