Minutes from January 23, 2018 Member Only Board Meeting-Group Discussion Advocacy Trip Effectiveness & Opportunities

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 

Member Only Board Meeting-Advocacy Trip Effectiveness &Opportunities

Norton Event Center
1601 E. Third St., Suite 138
San Bernardino, CA 92408



Present:   Patti Arlt, Carole Beswick, Deborah Barmack, Mike Burrows, Ken Coate, Jennifer Cusack, Kevin Dyerly, Sandra Espadas, Carrie Gilbreth, Fran Inman, Jay Jimenez, Mark Kaenel, Lowell King, Pam Langford, P.T. McEwen, John Mirau, Dan Murphy, Kevin Porter, Michael Rivera, Elizabeth Romero, Kristine Scott, Lupe Valdez, and Ray Wolfe.

Guests: Adam Eventov and Roman Nava

Announcements: 1) Members were reminded of the annual Conflict of Interest Policy requirements and asked to complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible. 2) Ballots were distributed for the previously announced potential members.  A majority of the members present voted to extend an invitation of membership to Charter Communications, Patton Steel and Precision Molded Plastics.  

A letter of support has been requested from National CORE/Hope Through Housing that would support application for funding The Arrowhead Grove. The funding is made available through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), an account established to receive Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds.
M/S/P: A letter of support will be sent to support the application for funding The Arrowhead Grove.

M/S/P: Minutes from January 16, 2018.

John Mirau served as Moderator for the group discussion on Advocacy Trip Effectiveness and Opportunities.  While Inland Action has had successful advocacy trips over the years, there is always room for improvement and for greater effectiveness.

Discussion ensued with the following observations:

  • It is critical for the committees/members to inform Inland Action staff of whom they would like to see on the advocacy trips.
  • Get inside information from lobbyists on what funding is moving and what the current “hot” topics are.
  • We must strive to leverage all relationships with elected officials but also with staffers. Staffers can be more up to date on issues and thus highly influential.
  • Follow up and continue throughout the year to make contact with elected officials, staff etc. to increase awareness of group and maintain continuity (out of sight out of mind).
  • Stay on message. Tell a personal & concise story of the effect policy has on a constituent.
  • Hold a breakfast meeting with Chiefs of Staff or Legislative Directors.
  • Supply/update data (maybe industry specific, not publicized).
  • Include in package data and graphs that are easy to read and colorful-make it interesting.
  • Create a list of “thank yous” for legislators who have been effective in their work. Distribute to members prior to the trip. We often see those whom we are going to visit when we are at the airport and this info would be a nice conversation starter.  These folks need to “feel the love” and our support.
  • Push the Inland Empire Caucus on our issues-find ways to educate in a meaningful way.
  • Look at the state budget and the state of the state address to understand what is coming.
  • Meet with legislators in their district. Know what their priorities are-staff, lobbyists.
  • Offer IE Caucus and members an educational Delta Tour.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 a.m.