Minutes from February 12, 2013-SB City Unified School District


 Tuesday, February 12, 2013  

Open Board of Directors Meeting
 San Bernardino Community College District
114 S. Del Rosa Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408



Present:  Dimitrios Alexiou, Don Averill, Carole Beswick, Ann Bryan, Bill Easley, Ray Gonzalez, Dick Hart, Mark Kaenel, Al Karnig, Sue McKee, John Mirau, Charlie Ng, Tom Nightingale, John Prentice, Susan Rice, Larry Sharp, Phil Waller, Stan Weisser, A.J. Wilson and Ray Wolfe.  

Guests: Joe Gonzales, Paul Granillo, Pam Langford, Sheriff John McMahon, Nathan Miller, Frank Reyes, Gary Thomas and Greg Young.  

Announcements:  1) The Inland Action membership will decide on the DC priority issues after the speaker’s presentation on February 19, 2013. 2) A new member lunch, hosted by Loma Linda University, will be held on February 14, 2013. 3) Farmdale Creamery has been proposed for membership by the Executive Committee.  Scott Hofferber, Controller will serve as member. For more information please visit their web site: http://www.farmdale.net/ .  A vote for membership will be taken on February 19, 2013.  

Chairman Waller suggested that Inland Action might want to comment on the County’s lawsuit against SANBAG/City of Upland/CalTrans. After discussion is was decided that CEO Beswick would appear at the Supervisors’ meeting at 10:00 am today to express our opinion that the county should not pursue this lawsuit, but try to settle it as soon as possible. 

M/S/P:  The County should avoid further expenditure and resolve the case as soon as possible.

A statement from Inland Action will be presented at the open hearing today.

M/S/P: Minutes of the February 5, 2013 meeting

Charlie Ng introduced Dr. Dale Marsden, Superintendent, San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Dr. Dale Marsden was named Superintendent of the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) in June of 2012.  His vision for San Bernardino City Unified includes engaging parents, employees and community partners in building a shared vision that ensures all students graduate with the necessary skills to succeed in college and the real world of work.

The Superintendent stated that our public education system needs to be brought up to date.  Education can and needs to learn from known successful business strategies.  The SBCUSD has now drafted their strategic plan that lays the groundwork for change.  They have identified their mission, objectives and strategies and recognize that students must be engaged in all levels of the process. 

The Mission of SBCUSD is to be the leading expert in human learning.  To ensure all students, cradle to career, develop the knowledge, skills, and proficiencies required for college, career, civic and economic success by inspiring and engaging them in a system distinguished by:

  • High expectations for student and staff performance
  • Vital partnerships with families, community and employers
  • Culturally proficient schools
  • Learning experiences beyond traditional boundaries of where and when
  • Safe, respectful, and welcoming environments

Their strategic objectives state that:

  • Each student will develop and pursue an academic and career plan based on his or her interests and talents
  • Each student will demonstrate independent initiative, civic responsibility and community pride
  • Each student will develop creativity through mastery of fundamental knowledge and applied skills
  • Each student will enjoy learning throughout life by learning how to learn

Dr. Marsden was very successful with his work in the Victor Elementary School District in Victorville and played a strong part in the Alliance for Education, a countywide partnership between business and faith-based organizations.  He has played an integral role the Alliance’s STEAM 2020 initiative. STEAM 2020 is an initiative for securing America’s leadership in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics fields and identifying promising strategies to ensure students graduate from high school concurrently with their community college degree or technical, trade or vocational certificate in a STEAM-related field, thereby strengthening the educational pipeline that leads to STEAM careers. 

A Q & A period followed

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 a.m.