April 7, 2020-Teri Ledoux, San Bernardino City Manager -Overcoming Challenges

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

 Member/Alternates Only Meeting

Virtual meeting via ZOOM

Present:   Patti Arlt, Deborah Barmack, Peter Barmack, Carole Beswick, Mike Burrows, Mark Cloud, Ken Coate, LaDonna DiCamillo, Sandra Espadas, Louis Goodwin, Otis Greer, Milford Harrison, Del Heintz, Fran Inman, Mark Kaenel, Pam Langford, Bill Lemann, John Mirau, Dan Murphy, Bansree Parikh, Steve PonTell, Catherine Pritchett, Brian Reider, Thomas Rice, Michael Rivera, Dan Roberts, Dan Schenkel, Kristine Scott, Phil Southard, Pete Van Helden, David VanVoorhis and Ray Wolfe.

Guests: Josh Cox and Rebekah Kramer.

Announcements: 1) The next Inland Action meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2020, when Michelle Decker from the Community Foundation will speak with the group.

M/S/P: Minutes from March 31, 20020 and April 2, 2020.

Louis Goodwin, Chair presiding.

Teri Ledoux, San Bernardino City Manager introduced Rebekah Kramer, Assistant City Manager.

Ms. Kramer updated the group on the City since the Covid-19 virus pandemic began.  They are working closely with all jurisdictions — Federal Government, California Department of Public Health, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The City declared a local emergency in early March.  Ms. Kramer summarized the status of numerous services and departments some with closures and many with restrictions.  They are utilizing the on-line access that many departments and facilities offer.  The police department, for example, is taking non-emergency calls on-line and libraries offer e-books.  Most Boards and Commissions are meeting via the web.  Community events are suspended; playgrounds are closed; but parks remain open.

Teri Ledoux, San Bernardino City Manager gave a comprehensive power point presentation called Overcoming Challenges.  The presentation outlined where the city has been, where they are now, and the path forward.  Prior to the pandemic, the city made substantial progress in all sectors — employment, housing costs, revenue, and paying down debt.  As a condition of exiting bankruptcy, the city filed a “Plan of Adjustment” which outlines measures for financial stability.  The city has followed the plan, but one stream of income is in jeopardy.

An important part of their success is tied to Measure Z, the local ¼ percent tax voters approved in 2006.   The tax equates to a quarter of 1 cent for every $1.00 spent on taxable purchases.  Annually it has added over $86 million since inception and over $9 million to the city in fiscal year 2018-2019.  Measure Z is set to expire in April 2022.  Consultants have polled residents for voter “appetite” to extend Measure Z and/or increase the tax to 1%.   The numbers thus far have indicated residents are prepared for continuing or even increasing the tax.  Consultants believe that residents are well versed on the city’s bankruptcy issues and economic struggles.  Residents have first-hand experience of the city’s struggle and subsequent cutbacks.  They see the need and are responding favorably.  The consultants will poll again in June for updated numbers.  City Council will then need to decide in July if the measure will be on the ballot.

Without an alternative revenue stream, expiration of Measure Z means:

  • Loss of over $9 million annually
  • Equates to 7% of all General Fund revenue

Reductions in all areas of city operations including:

  • Police services
  • Code enforcement
  • Park maintenance
  • Recreation programs and community events

A copy of the presentation will be posted for informational purposes on the Inland Action web site under the Advocacy tab.

A Q & A period followed.

8:50 a.m. A closed meeting was called to order

The Executive Committee requests an Emeritus status be granted to member Paul Shimoff.  He meets the criteria as stated in the by-laws and Paul has been a very active and long-term member serving as Chairman, Education Committee Chair and supporting trips and events.  Members commented.

M/S/P: Emeritus status will be given to Paul Shimoff.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 a.m.