Inland Action tours Sterling Natural Resource Center.


On June 6, 2023  Inland Action toured the East Valley Water District’s Stirling Natural Resource Center. Michael Moore, General Manager/CEO, led the tour during which Inland Action members learned that in response to the drought and SBX7-7 which mandates that the District must cut 20% of its use by the year 2020, the District is planning and constructing a water recycling facility. The facility will allow the District to treat wastewater to a point that it can be recharged back into the groundwater basin and reused for domestic purpose. Initially, the facility will treat approximately 8 million gallons per day and will be expandable to be able to treat ultimate build out of approximately 10 million gallons per day.

The Center includes outdoor green spaces, and an indoor Community Center for conservation workshops and special events. The Sterling Natural Resource Center exemplifies a state-of-the-art design that has become a model for public projects around the world, where a highly technical facility incorporates a community centric focus in the design.