Inland Action meets with Luther Snoke, CEO, San Bernardino County

On November  7, 2023  members of Inland Action met with Luther Snoke, appointed in September 2023 as the Chief Executive Officer of San Bernardino County. Mr. Snoke began his career in healthcare in the private sector and has been working in leadership roles in the County Administrative Offices since 2013. Mr. Snoke reminded members that San Bernardino County is the largest county in the U.S, that it has 23 cities and towns and it provides municipal services for the unincorporated areas that have a population of over 300,000. With 22,000 employees, and 41 Departments, the County is the local provider of State services, including public assistance, child welfare, child support services, etc.  This year the County won 160 National Association of Counties NaCO) awards, more than any other county.