Support of Eastgate Air Cargo Project 5/21/19

May 21, 2019


Michael Burrows, Executive Director

San Bernardino International Airport

1601 E. Third Street

San Bernardino, A 92408


Dear Mr. Burrows,


On behalf of Inland Action, we are pleased to see the recent progress at SBD International Airport (SBD) and would like to convey our strong support for your continued efforts to successfully convert the former Norton Air Force Base into a vibrant public airport. As an organization committed to solving the economic issues of the Inland Empire, we understand what an asset the Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center will be for the region.


The public-private partnership between the Inland Valley Development Agency and Hillwood is a proven team that has provided quality tenants over the last 17 years, stimulating the local economy and creating over 12,000 direct jobs in the area. AllianceCalifornia has invested over $1 billion dollars and is credited with securing over $2 billion dollars in economic output for the surrounding communities. The proposed Eastgate project will create an additional 2,000 jobs and generate millions in revenue.


The Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center would be a catalyst to the San Bernardino Airport Authority(SBIAA), the National Airspace System, and the local economy. This proposed facility would also ensure SBIAA’s mission to promote aviation activities and business opportunities is fulfilled.


We encourage you to continue holding those standards of excellence while you complete the appropriate entitlements. Inland Action looks forward to supporting the SBIAA and the Eastgate Air Cargo Logistics Center in the future.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Carole Beswick, CEO

Inland Action