SUPPORT- Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity (IEGO) Grant Application under the Build Back Better Regional Challenge

October 6, 2021

U.S. Economic Development Administration Headquarters
U.S. Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Suite 71014
Washington, DC 20230


Subject: Inland Empire Application to the EDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge, submitted on behalf of Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity (IEGO).

Inland Action is pleased to support IEGO in its application to the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) for a Phase I Planning Grant under the Build Back Better Regional Challenge.

IEGO has set forth a vision for our inland region to become a global hub of sustainable logistics, a vision that requires businesses, government, industry and community to align, invest and grow a new goods movement and supply chain sector that is more environmentally sustainable, diversifies the economy, and provides quality jobs with equitable career pathways. These important foundational steps can ensure that the transportation and logistics DNA of our region can continue to prosper while showing the global supply chain what is possible for our industries, employers, residents, and generations to follow fostering tomorrow’s advanced technology careers.

We are aware that funding from the USEDA Build Back Better Regional Challenge will enable IEGO coalition members to create a robust innovation and growth roadmap with the goal of transforming the Inland Empire region into an innovation hub for clean technology, sustainability, growth, and opportunity. This strategy leverages the Inland Empire’s unique competitive advantage as a leader in clean energy and supply chain activities, to act as a testbed for applied research, commercialization, and training innovations that can benefit industry, residents, and the region.

We support the unified efforts that IEGO partners are undertaking to drive sustainable development, sector-specific innovation and entrepreneurship, and future-focused job growth for our region.

We look forward to this collaborative effort.


Carole Beswick, CEO