Letter in Support of Dignity Health Merger 3.6.18

March 6, 2018


Mr. Xavier Becerra
Attorney General
California Department of Justice
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA   94244-2550


Dear Attorney General Becerra:

On behalf of Inland Action, this letter is to express support for the combination of Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) to create a new organization.  Inland Action is a non-profit organization of business and community leaders dedicated to the economic and community betterment of the Southern California region.

Dignity Health has been providing health care services to the people of California since 1856. Over that time Dignity Health has become the State’s largest provider of Medi-Cal services, roughly 10%, and is an anchor institution for many in California.  It is a critical part of the State’s social safety net.

In response to wide ranging national changes in how health care services are provided, Dignity Health is combining with another health care services organization, CHI, based in Denver, Colorado, to ensure their future viability.

Inland Action has worked with Dignity Health to address critical needs in our community. We have seen firsthand their commitment to improving the health of our community and to ensuring that the most poor and vulnerable Californians have access to critical services.

It is important to note that with no overlap in service areas between the two systems, formation of the new organization is not expected to result in a change of services nor closure of facilities in California. Rather, the partnership with CHI will provide Dignity Health a stronger administrative and service quality base on which to sustain its mission and continue its important work.  It is extremely important that California’s health care infrastructure remains strong, accessible and affordable for all people who require care.  Dignity Health’s partnership with CHI promises to achieve this objective and to meet the health needs of our communities for generations to come. Thank you for your consideration of our support.


Deborah Barmack