Governor’s proposed budget for the judiciary 3.21.18 ASM Weber

March 21, 2018

Assembly Member Shirley N. Weber
California Assembly Committee on Budget
Capitol Office, Room 3123
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA  94249-0079


Dear Assembly Member Weber:

This letter is to express Inland Action’s strong support for the Governor’s proposed budget for the judiciary.  Inland Action is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of business and community leaders dedicated to community betterment in the Inland Region of Southern California.

The Governor’s proposed budget will provide much needed funding for underfunded courts in California.  Inland Empire courts are the second and third most underfunded courts in the State, based on workload allocation.  San Bernardino County is at 76.9% of funding need, while some counties far exceed the 100% mark based on workload.  The Governor’s budget significantly assists in resolving these inequities.

Inland Action urges your support of the Governor’s proposed budget for the judiciary which, if approved, can begin to rectify the lack of access to justice that has existed for a number of years in the Inland counties of Southern California.  Your consideration of this request is sincerely appreciated.


Deborah Barmack