Support for California WaterFix 8.9.17

August 9, 2017

Mr. Randy A. Record, Chairman
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
P.O. Box 54153
Los Angeles, CA   90054-0153

Dear Chairman Record:

This letter is to express Inland Action’s strong support for California WaterFix to protect the reliability of our State and local water supplies.  Inland Action is non-profit organization of business and community leaders dedicated to community betterment in the Inland Region of Southern California.  Because one-third of Southern California’s water supply comes from Northern California, our long-term water security depends on modernizing the State’s water delivery system in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

We recognize there are many regional benefits to having a reliable State Water Project. Water from Northern California helps to prepare the Southland for future droughts and emergencies. Imported supplies from Northern California help replenish our groundwater basins.  Sierra snowmelt is pure enough to recycle again and again, promoting more water recycling projects.

The cost for California WaterFix is roughly half the cost of other large-scale local water supply projects. This investment, spread over the expected supply, breaks down to less than a tenth of a penny per gallon and will protect the supply for decades.

California WaterFix is an important investment that will ensure the reliability and quality of water for our communities, while helping to protect the Delta ecosystem.  Inland Action urges the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to officially support this important statewide project.


Deborah Barmack