Meeting with Miguel Mendoza, Senior Manager, Public Policy, Amazon Air.


On October 5, 2021 Inland Action met with Miguel Mendoza, Public Policy Senior Manager of Amazon Air. Amazon Air is a part of Amazon’s “Middle Mile” network.  The Middle Mile team develops routing solutions to move customer orders from its vendors and fulfillment centers to its network of sortation centers, air facilities, and delivery stations by in the most efficient way possible. Athe San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA) they have a 650,000 sq. ft building with 9 daily flights which will steadily increase with time (SBIA can support up to 20).  They have parking for 14 aircraft and have hired some 1,500 employees since their launch in April.  Employees receive comprehensive benefits and when fully built out, the facility can support up to 4,000 jobs. Inland Action welcomes this first new aviation facility since the conversion of Norton Air Force Base to SBIA.