November 5, 2019 Congressman Pete Aguilar, California’s 31st District Representative

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Open Board of Directors Meeting

Norton Regional Event Center
1601 E. Third St., Suite 138
San Bernardino, CA 92408


Present:   Deborah Barmack, Peter Barmack, Carole Beswick, Mike Burrows, Rachelle Bussell, Mark Cloud, Ken Coate, Ashely Gaines, Jarrod McNaughton, Louis Goodwin, Milford Harrison, Fran Inman, Mark Kaenel, Lowell King, Pam Langford, P.T. McEwen, Jarrod McNaughton, John Mirau, Tomas Morales, Dan Murphy, Vikki Ostermann, Catherine Pritchett, Keven Porter, Larry Pyle, Brian Reider, Michael Rivera, Dan Roberts,  Elizabeth Romero, Paul Shimoff, Steve von Rajcs, Ray Wolfe and Frank Zabaleta.

Guests:  Stephanie Cuevas, Shannon Estrada, Kasey Haws, John Holcomb, Scott Huber, John McMahon, Boris Medzhibovsky, Scott Morse, Frank Reyes, Arnold San Miguel, Ned Sciortino, Julie Silvio, Todd Warden, Maryellen Westerberg and Marisa Yeager.

Announcements: 1) The SBD AirFest held Nov. 2-3, 2019 was well attended and enjoyed.

Member Dan Roberts introduced John Holcomb, nominee for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

M/S/P: Minutes from October 22, 2019.

Fran Inman introduced Congressman Pete Aguilar, California’s 31st District Representative.

Representative Aguilar was most recently re-elected to the House of Representatives in 2018.  In addition to being a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, he was chosen to serve in the leadership positions of Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus, Whip of the New Democrat Coalition, and Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for allocating funds for all government programs and operations. He serves on the Subcommittees on Defense; Transportation, Housing & Urban Development; and Homeland Security.

The House of Representatives will likely release the transcripts of the impeachment hearings this week.  The Intelligence Committee is guiding their work and all members of the House are striving for a professional, fair and speedy process.

Contrary to the news focused on impeachment, the House has been busy legislating during the last 10 months. Numerous bills are sitting in the Senate with no apparent movement.  Some of these bills include topics advocated by the President such as lowering prescription drug costs.  Other key legislation includes national background checks, fixing DACA and the Equality Act.

The census collection is critical for the Inland Empire as it dictates appropriate funding.  The Constitution requires the count and every person must be represented.  The Congressman will work with local leaders to assist the process.

The New Democrat Coalition is a group of varied thinking Democrats who focus on new jobs and growing the economy.  They discuss preparation for further automation and balancing economic and environmental concerns.

There is potential economic opportunity if the Eastgate project is approved at the San Bernardino Airport.  The conversion process has been a long-term process.  Concerns are being addressed.

California has state contracts for fires but policy management falls to the federal government.  Both sides are very focused on real solutions and getting the job done.  Forest management is critical, and all parties involved recognize that rakes won’t work.

Air quality is a major concern that has enjoyed bipartisan support since the Clean Air Act was signed.  Unfortunately, it now is treated as a partisan issue and is affecting California with the current political discourse.

The USMCA will likely pass after some negotiations.  Mexico recently made some positive changes in their labor laws, but enforcement issues remain.  Agriculture is a big concern especially in California and the farmers are hurting.  A working group in the House is focused on good policy and expected to present something by December.

Housing and the homeless crisis will require all sectors and levels of government to do more.  Regional solutions are needed.  We should remember the crisis is for work force housing.  Additionally, the next generation is very accepting of density.  NIMBYism is still prevalent and is negatively affecting builders who need more market certainty.

A Q & A period followed.

Meeting adjourned 8:32 a.m.