Minutes from November 13, 2012 Open Meeting

Tuesday, November 13, 2012  

Open Board of Directors Meeting

San Bernardino Community College District

114 S. Del Rosa Drive

San Bernardino, CA 92408


Present:  Don Averill, Carole Beswick, Tom Brickley, Erin Brinker, Ann Bryan, Ken Coate, Bill Easley, Ron Freemont, Ray Gonzales, Mark Kaenel, Bill Lemann, Temetry Lindsey, Neil Macready, Kristine Scott, Larry Sharp and Phillip Southard.  

Guests: Robbie Broedow, Marta Brown, Gloria Harrison, Sue McKee, Nathan Miller and Susan Rice 

Announcements:  1) Sheriff Rod Hoops has announced his retirement effective December 31, 2012.  He has recommended John McMahon, Assist. Sheriff, to succeed him. 2) The San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce has named Don Averill as the new Chairman of their Government Affairs Committee.  A letter to the City of San Bernardino urging the City Council and Mayor to quickly act and submit a prependancy plan for bankruptcy has been drafted, and is expected to be approved and mailed on Thursday, November 15, 2012. 3) The San Bernardino Committee members will meet with faith based groups today.  The Committee reminds members that important upcoming City Council meetings will be held on November 19 & 26th4) Marta Brown expressed gratitude for Inland Action recognizing the late Congressman George E. Brown Jr.’s contribution to the Inland Empire.  His papers have been archived at the University of California, Riverside Library.  The George Brown Legacy Project is accepting contributions to build an endowment fund.  For more information please go to http://Library.ucr.edu/?view=georgebrown 

M/S/P: Minutes from November 6, 2012 

Bill Easley introduced Assistant Sheriff John McMahon and Deputy Sheriff Sheree Stewart, County of San Bernardino. 

AB 109, the 2011 Public Safety Realignment, took effect October 1, 2011.  The law mandates that individuals sentenced to non-serious, non-violent, non-sex offenses will serve their sentences in county jails instead of state prison.  The four San Bernardino County facilities are making many changes from probation procedures to long term housing of inmates.   

The Sheriff’s Department credits San Bernardino Probation with increased tracking of, and connecting with, those on probation.  They have increased their use of home detention and Day Reporting Centers (DRC).  The DRC’s ensure accountability and provide a “one stop” concept that offers a variety of services such as assistance with substance abuse, health issues, finding and maintaining employment, and family services.   

The federal courts have mandated that our prisons operate at 90 percent of their intended capacity.  The four facilities in our county are now considered full with 5,800 inmates.  They cannot add a prisoner unless they release one, so daily evaluations of their inmate population are needed.  The expansion of the Adelanto facility will add 1,400 much needed beds. Prior to AB109 our County jails typically housed offenders for less than a year.  They now have inmates for up to 15 years, a situation they were not set up to do.   

The City of San Bernardino has requested a proposal to contract services with the Sheriff.  The Sheriff’s office will review and assess the work load and staff model needed.  The proposal is expected to be presented within the next 30-60 days.   

If the police in San Bernardino do not continue to provide service, the Sheriff’s Department has compiled an emergency plan to take over basic law enforcement for the City.  The emergency plan will cost an estimated $1 million per month and does not include traffic enforcement, which would be provided by the California Highway Patrol.   

A Q & A period followed. 

Meeting adjourned 8:33 a.m.