Minutes from June 10, 2014 Open Meeting-Entrepreneurship Institute of San Bernardino

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 Open Board of Directors Meeting
 San Bernardino Community College District
114 S. Del Rosa Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408


Present: Deborah Barmack, Ken Coate, Deborah Crowley, Bill Easley, Jill Eaton, Matthew Isaac, Mark Kaenel, Lowell King, Pam Langford, Sue McKee, John Mirau, John Prentice, Susan Rice, Paul Shimoff, Steve von Rajcs, Janet Weder, A.J. Wilson and Ray Wolfe. 

Guests: Jim Morris

Announcements:   1) A new member luncheon is planned July 8th & 10th.  2) A.J. Wilson has announced his retirement effective June 30, 2014.  3) SANBAG’s General Assembly will take place on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. 

M/S/P: Minutes from June 3, 2014 

Dr. Matthew Isaac introduced Bruce Underwood, Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Institute of San Bernardino. 

Bruce Underwood is an instructor at the San Bernardino Valley College in the Business Department and currently manages the newly created Entrepreneurship Institute of San Bernardino.  He has over 30 years of experience from both small and large corporate business entities.   

Small business is the back bone of our economy and entrepreneurs should be encouraged but also need a foundation of skills and confidence that the Institute provides in order to be successful.  Small business failures are a common story but our region has a 69% higher failure rate than the national average.  We have a real need to provide specific training, independent of traditional higher education to our community.   

The mission of the Entrepreneurship Institute of San Bernardino is to foster and promote new business opportunities and advance the knowledge and skill sets of small business owners.  The Institute provides an environment and resources through seminars, mentoring and incubation to help create new business or improve existing ones.  The Institute’s program entails 6 evening courses (80 hours of instruction) taught by professors with “real world” experience.  The Institute has recently completed their first year and has 40 graduates.  The not for credit program has been funded predominantly by the Wal-Mart Foundation but it is now time for the community to embrace and support the Institute.    

Mentors, instructors and guest speakers are in demand at the Institute.  Mr. Underwood stated that it requires little from us and our community but will make a huge impact on budding entrepreneurs and their success will in turn be ours as a region.  He asked that Inland Action members consider participation in these areas in addition to potential corporate sponsorship of the program.   

A Q & A period followed. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30a.m.