Minutes from December 10, 2013 Open Board Meeting-SBIA

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
  Open Board of Directors Meeting
 San Bernardino Community College District
114 S. Del Rosa Drive
San Bernardino, CA 92408


Present:  Deborah Barmack, Carole Beswick, Tom Brickley, Bill Easley, Scott Hofferber, Mark Kaenel, John Magness, John Mirau, Steve PonTell, John Prentice, Kristine Scott, Phil Waller, A.J. Wilson, and Ray Wolfe.

Guests: Jim Morris, Mark Gibbs and Tony Grasso

Announcements:   1) The SANBAG Board voted 24-3 in favor to move forward with continued study of express lanes.  Gratitude was expressed to the Business Coalition.  It will likely be three years until a final decision on Express Lanes will be made.  Additional members to the coalition will be sought. 2) A ground breaking ceremony will be held by the RCTC for the 91 project on December 11, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. at North Main Corona Parking Structure.  3) The San Bernardino Planning Commission will be making a decision on the proposed Waterman Gardens project at their meeting on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 held at 6:00p.m., San Bernardino City Hall.       

M/S/P: Minutes from December 3, 2013. 

John Mirau introduced A.J. Wilson, Executive Director, San Bernardino International Airport. 

The San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA) has had a difficult past but the future is bright.  The airport is well on its way to repairing its reputation and public perception. 

Since November of 2011 the airport has been working to “clean-up” an abundance of poor management practices.  They have been able to take back control of the fixed base operations (FBO) which include the fuel farm, maintenance operations and serving general aviation.   

SBIA currently has over 25,000 flight operations comprised mainly of charter and general aviation users.  There has been a great deal of focus on passenger service but the current economics are very poor and will not likely turn around anytime soon.  However, the recently completed redesign of the Passenger Terminal Facility is at the ready for passenger airline service and opportunities are being pursued.  SBIA believes their passenger service is best suited to focus points on Mexico and Hawaii.  Once staffed, the onsite newly constructed U.S. Customs facility will be used by many including Ontario airport and will be a huge benefit for the entire region.     

Cargo was once thought to be a potential moneymaker for SBIA.  Increased aviation costs however have changed the dynamics.  Unless speed of delivery is the priority, rail and truck are clearly the more economical options.   

The future:
SBIA is prepared and looks forward to immediate growth when the Rialto Airport closes and the Sheriff’s Department relocates.  The airport has been successful in attracting charter and corporate flights and they plan to continue this marketing focus along with the successful maintenance facilities.  Additionally, manufacturers like Boeing use SBIA for test flights.  These opportunities are lucrative and include income from hanger rent and fuel sales.   

SBIA is now running in the “black” and they look forward to continued growth and success.    

A Q & A period followed 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.