June 30, 2020 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes-Via Zoom

Tuesday, June 30 , 2020

Executive Committee – Members Only Meeting

Virtual Meeting via ZOOM



Present:   Deborah Barmack, Carole Beswick, Kevin Dyerly, Louis Goodwin, Mark Kaenel, Lowell King, Bill Lemann, P.T. McEwen, John Mirau, Dan Murphy, Vikki Ostermann, Michael Rivera, Kristine Scott, Paul Shimoff and Ray Wolfe.

Announcements:  Staff continues to closely follow the progress AB 2570 & SB 972; oppose action has been previously taken on AB2570.

Motion by L. Goodwin/Second by L. King/Passed: Minutes from May 26, 2020 approved.

Kristine Scott, Immediate Past Chair presiding.

The 2019 Inland Action financials and the draft 2019 taxes compiled by the CPA firm of Spafford & Landry were posted on the Inland Action member secure web site in advance of the meeting for review by the Committee.  Both were reconciled by Treasurer Mark Kaenel who summarized both for the Committee members.  Discussion ensued.

Motion by R. Wolfe/Second by L. Goodwin/Passed: Accept the 2019 Draft Tax Return and bring to the full membership for approval.

A breakdown of the 2020 expenses for the web site, Outlook data set-up and training and related costs had previously been sent to Committee members for review.  Carole Beswick, CEO summarized the costs of the training which included printed tutorials, web site updates and training of staff on Office 365 Outlook system which has reduced the number of data bases to maintain and allows staff to cancel the e-mail system previously used (a monthly savings of $51.50).  Appreciation to P.T. McEwen for resizing all the photos which has greatly assisted staff in keeping the web site current weekly and saved the expense of the both the Photo Shop software and associated training.

Additional equipment will be needed for the Inland Action meeting space to effectively conduct “in-person” Zoom (and other) meetings.  A quote from Imagine Systems for equipment which includes a video conferencing system with camera, mics, Wi-Fi adaptors and cables totals $5,453.83.  The suggested system is compatible with others video conferencing systems beyond Zoom and existing equipment like projectors and Apple T.V. can be utilized.  Delivery, set-up, and training staff is estimated at an additional $800.00.  Discussion ensued and included comments of increased member participation and speaker accessibility since utilizing the Zoom platform.

Motion by J. Mirau/Second by K. Scott/Passed:   Expense for video conferencing system is approved as submitted.

First draft staff recommendations for future “in-person” meetings were as follows -All dependent on the conditions at the time.

  • Purchase electronic equipment (camera, speakers, etc. plus installation and training) to allow for member participation by Zoom or other format at weekly meetings by either in-person or Zoom. Cost to be approved: $6,690.14
  • Masks will be worn, and hand sanitizer will be provided in the meeting room for all in-person meetings. Tables and chairs will be wiped down prior to each meeting.
  • Follow Inland Action’s prior practice of being dark during the month of August 2020.
  • Pending assessment of the health conditions at the time, resume in-person meetings in September 2020 with social distancing and a Zoom option. With appropriate social distancing the IA office can accommodate 22 participants plus one staff member. Members will be asked to reserve for in-person attendance on a first come, first reserved basis.  Zoom meeting protocols will be sent to all members.
  • On those occasions when more room is desired or appropriate, IA may reserve the IVDA public hearing room for in-person meetings.
  • Food service of all kinds will be discontinued at in-person meetings until further notice. Members are encouraged to bring their own beverages for meetings in the Inland Action offices.
  • Reservations for guests must be made in advance for in-person and for Zoom meetings we will need email contact information and they will receive the protocols.

Staff reported that a reconfiguration of the meeting room can accommodate 23 seats (using the recommended 6 ft. of social distance).  Discussion ensued and included the possibility of polling members/alternates regarding their interest in resuming “in-person” meetings.

Inland Action will again be “dark” for the month of August, as has been the long-time tradition.

Lowell King proposed The Community Foundation for membership.  Their representative would be Michelle Decker, CEO.  The first announcement of proposed membership for The Community Foundation will be at the next regular Inland Action meeting on July 7, 2020.

The Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity (IEGO) group is reengaging since the COVID-19 outbreak.  The group, who have been meeting for some 4-5 years, are moving their focus from economic development to social and environmental justice issues.  Although initially considered a “middle market” arena, representatives from Health Care systems will be asked to participate.

Potential future speakers were discussed.

Inland Empire COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen.  Hospitals in the desert communities are now full and Riverside county may need to use overflow facilities.  The CDC is now recommending goggles or face shields in addition to masks in high risk areas like health care facilities.

Meeting adjourned at 9:09 a.m.