April 4, 2023 Minutes-Primary & Alternate Members Only Meeting State Issues and Prioritiesration of Issues -Hybrid Meeting In-Person and via ZOOM

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Primary & Alternate Members Only Meeting- in-Person & Zoom



Present:  Deborah Barmack, Carole Beswick, Rebecca Boydston, Greg Bradbard, Mike Burrows, Rachelle Bussell, Ken Coate, Kevin Dyerly, Dr. Sam Gibbs, Louis Goodwin, Otis Greer, T. Milford Harrison, Fran Inman, Lowell King, Michael Lewin, Darcy McNaboe, Miguel Mendoza, Dan Murphy, Robert Nava, Brian Nestande, Vikki Ostermann, Cid Pinedo, Catherine Pritchett, Thomas Rice, Michael Rivera, Dan Roberts, Elizabeth Romero, Dan Schenkel, Kristine Scott, Patty Senecal, Jon Shardlow, Eric Ustation, Pete Van Helden, and Michael Wells.

Kevin Dyerly, Chair presiding

Announcements: 1) Gratitude was again expressed to the generous sponsors of the D.C. Legislative Reception.  The sponsors will also be recognized at the Sacramento Legislative reception with the addition of Inland Behavioral & Health Services and Western State Petroleum.  2) Plans have been made for a group lunch on Tuesday in Sacramento and a briefing with Jim Lites who works with the advocacy firm California Strategies.  The legislative reception will be held in a lovely building owned by the California Grocers Association.  Sandwich board type signage will be used to help attendees locate the venue.  Reception participants are welcome to bring guests, but staff would appreciate knowing in advance.

Motion by T. Rice/Second/Passed: Minutes from March 28, 2023.

The membership voted in person and virtually on a proposed new member A majority of the members voted to extend an invitation of membership to the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools.

Committee chairs presented their top issues for advocacy in Sacramento.  Discussion ensued and the group decided on the following priorities:

  • Support for measured solutions to the region’s air quality issues and opportunities without compromising local control over land use decisions in the Inland Region and oppose AB 1000 (Reyes) unless amended.
  • Ensure hospital financial stability through a $1.5 billion Medi-Cal budget item and urge relief for hospitals from the 2030 operational seismic requirements.
  • Support SB 75 (Roth) to create additional Superior Court judgeships throughout California and support appropriations for newly created judgeships.
  • Support legislation to curb retail theft.
  • Support SB 45 (Roth) California Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital Loan Fund.
  • Support for increased funding for water supply, water storage, and water quality projects, particularly Sites Reservoir and the Delta Conveyance Projects.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 a.m.