Agenda for April 22, 2014 Open meeting-Sheriff John McMahon

April 22, 2014


Guest Speaker: San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon  


Open Board Meeting  

San Bernardino Community College District

114 S. Del Rosa Dr.

San Bernardino, CA 92408

7:00 a.m. Buffet Breakfast

7:30 a.m. Meeting Called to Order

8:30 a.m. Adjournment



Presiding: Mark Kaenel 

      1. Introductions
      2. Announcements
      3. Approve Minutes from April 15, 2014 

        Chair of the Day: Scott Hofferber 

        Sheriff McMahon will discuss law enforcement achievements and challenges in San Bernardino County.  


Future Board Meetings:

04/29/14:   Closed Board -Executive Committee Meeting        

05/06/14:   Open Board Meeting-Bill Emmerson, California Hospital Association

                   Sacramento Issue Papers Due           

05/13/14:   Closed Board Meeting- Committee Presentation of Issues and

                   Final Approval of State Platform

05/20/14:   NO Meeting-Sacramento Trip

05/27/14:   Closed Board Meeting-Debrief Sacramento trip


Sacramento Advocacy

05/19/14:   Optional Early Sacramento Meetings

05/20/14:   Sacramento Advocacy Day