2017 Annual Report


Issued January 2018




Kristine Scott served as Chair, Louis Goodwin served as 1st Vice Chair, and Lowell King served as 2nd Vice Chair of Inland Action from January through December 2017.  Each of these officers will continue to serve in 2018 to complete the traditional two-year terms of office.  During 2017, Carole Beswick continued as the Chief Executive Officer, and Sue Harrison continued as the Administrative Assistant, both having completed eleven years with Inland Action. Deborah Barmack continued as President of Inland Action during 2017, having completed five and a half years with the organization.  The organization is well served by staffing levels established in 2012 with the Chief Executive Officer and President as quarter time employees and the Administrative Assistant as a half-time employee.

The following members served as Inland Action 2017 Executive Committee:

 Inland Action 2017 Executive Committee
Officers    Committee                                       Members
Chair Kristine Scott Economic Development Co-Chairs Lowell King & Hassan Webb
1st Vice Chairman Louis Goodwin Education Chair Kevin Dyerly
2nd Vice Chairman Lowell King Environment Co-Chairs Ken Coate & Tom Brickley
Secretary Ken Coate Health Care Chair Dan Murphy
Treasurer Scott Hofferber History Chair Bill Lemann
Past Chairman Mark Kaenel, Exec

Committee Chair

Legislative Chair Pam Langford
President Deborah Barmack Transportation Chair John Mirau
CEO Carole Beswick Members at Large P. Barmack, P. Shimoff, R. Wolfe


Members of the Inland Action Executive Committee showed strong leadership during 2017, moving the organization forward in several areas.  Most notably, Inland Action relocated its office facilities to the Norton Regional Event Center adjacent to San Bernardino International Airport.  With this move, the Board of Directors now has a permanent meeting location dedicated entirely to Inland Action, as well as expanded office space to provide workspace for each employee.

Equally important was the decision to periodically meet in the West End of San Bernardino County throughout the year.  The West End meetings have served to better inform the membership on issues throughout the Valley area of San Bernardino County, facilitate better participation by members coming from various parts of the Southern California region, increase awareness of Inland Action, and increase membership.   Executive Committee leadership guided the organization through a productive year that maintained strong relationships with elected leaders, actively advocated for community improvements, and strengthened the organizational structure.  We appreciate the work and leadership provided by members of the Executive Committee.


Weekly Meetings

 Inland Action has established a standard meeting schedule which may vary, based upon the needs of the organization.  The first meeting of the month is designated as a Members Only Board meeting, when both regular and alternate members are welcome, but no speakers are scheduled.  This first meeting of the month allows for open discussion among Inland Action members dedicated to issues, policies, and organizational priorities.  On the fifth Tuesdays of the month, which generally occurs quarterly, members of the Executive Committee meet, rather than the full Board membership.  Inland Action is dark in the month of August.

Consistent with the schedule indicated above, Open Board Meetings are scheduled on Tuesdays from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., and members are encouraged to bring guests.   A listing of all weekly Inland Action meetings and speakers held in 2017 is attached as an addendum to this report. 

Summary of Inland Action Activities in 2017


Special Events 

Inland Action co-sponsored a luncheon in Riverside with Senator Diane Feinstein, along with the Riverside Chamber, The Monday Morning Group, and IEEP in October. The event was well attended by Inland Action membership. 

On December 6, 2017, the California Transportation Commission met in the Inland Empire.  An evening reception for the Commissioners, business community and transportation professionals was co-sponsored by Inland Action, The Monday Morning Group, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, Riverside County Transportation Commission, IEEP, and Mobility 21.



On March 20 through 22, a contingent of twenty-six Inland Action members joined in the advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. and met with administrative officials, San Bernardino Congressional Members, and other influential elected representatives.  A Legislative Reception was held at the offices of Potomac Partners, close to the Capitol.  The reception was well attended by elected representatives, administrative officials, Inland Action members, and guests.  A summary of the Inland Action Washington Legislative Issues and schedule of meetings are attached as addenda to this report. 

On May 15 and 16, a delegation of twenty-three Inland Action members participated in the Sacramento Advocacy trip and met with elected and administrative officials.  A summary of the Inland Action Sacramento Legislative Issues and schedule of meetings are attached as addenda to this report. A dinner was held at Lucca Restaurant on the night of the 15th where we were joined by numerous legislators.

In July, John Mirau and Carole Beswick met with Josh Groban of the Governor’s Office regarding judicial appointments in San Bernardino County.

CEO Carole Beswick testified on behalf of the Business Coalition for Express Lanes before the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority on July 12, 2017, urging approval of the Final EIR for I-10 Express Lanes.

In September, Ken Coate, Co-Chair of the Inland Action Environmental Committee, testified at meetings of the Metropolitan Water District in support of the CA WaterFix Project.

Ken Coate continued to serve as a representative of the business community as a member of the San Bernardino Community College District Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee.

Inland Action took formal action and provided written positions on the following:

  • Urge U.S. Department of Transportation approval of the America’s Global Freight Gateway: Southern California Highway Strategy application Fostering Advancements in Shipping and Transportation for the Long-term Achievement of National Efficiencies (FASTLANE 2016) competitive grant program, submitted jointly by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Southern California Association of Governments, (SCAG), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC), and San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) in January 2017.
  • Urge the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board to adopt the 2016 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) as presented by SCAQMD staff in February 2017, without proposed amendments which would implement an indirect source rule on Declining Goods Movement Facility Emissions Caps. The amendments were not adopted.
  • Support for restoration of year-round Pell grants which provides for up to $2,960 in Pell funding to eligible students for summer classes, which was included in the federal budget deal of May 2017.
  • Oppose AB 791 (Frazier) which was a thinly-veiled attempt to delay or even stop WaterFix. The bill was held in committee.
  • Support HR 497, the Santa Ana River Wash Land Plan Exchange Act, unanimously passed by the House of Representatives in June 2017. The Santa Ana River Wash Land Plan Exchange Act, authored by Congressman Cook and co-authored by Congressman Pete Aguilar, authorizes an exchange of land between the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District (SBVWCD) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
  • Urge the Delta Stewardship Council to initiate the necessary environmental review process to formally amend the draft Delta Plan Amendments for Conveyance, Storage and Operations in June 2017.
  • Opposed AB 1435, The College Athlete Protection Act, which was overly broad, costly and conflicted with existing Conference Rules. The bill died in committee.
  • Support the Section 7001 application to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers entitled, “Lytle and Cajon Creek Channel Improvements Project – Riverside Avenue Groins Project Modification Request” in July 2017.
  • Support of AB 1111 (E. Garcia; D-Coachella) designed to assist individuals facing multiple barriers to employment by providing them with remedial education and work readiness skills and preparing them for training, educational, apprenticeship or employment opportunities. The Governor signed this bill into law in October 2017.
  • Support for the California Department of Transportation’s application to the United States Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) competitive grant program in October 2017 for the America’s Global Freight Gateway: Southern California Highway Strategy, submitted jointly with the regional and local transportation agencies, Southern California Association of Governments, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Orange County Transportation Authority, and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority.


Community Involvement  

Throughout the year, Chair Kristine Scott, Past Chair Mark Kaenel and Inland Action staff participated in meetings with leaders from San Bernardino and Riverside counties in the Inland Economic Growth & Opportunity (IEGO) Project, led by the Brookings Institute, to develop a collective plan for the economic future of the Inland Region.

In January, members of Inland Action attended the IEEP Annual Dinner in Ontario.

A joint meeting of Inland Action and The Monday Morning Group was held in January to strengthen collaboration and joint advocacy for the Inland counties.

Deborah Barmack met with Senator Leyva and other San Bernardino County representatives to discuss applications for funding from the California Strategic Growth Council.

Members of Inland Action attended several meetings with San Bernardino Mayor Kerry Davis to discuss issues related to rebuilding the business environment and improving civic lifestyle within the city.

Support was offered for Lowell King who became a finalist in the Social Entrepreneur category at the Spirit of the Entrepreneur gala.

Inland Action members and staff attended a briefing on plans for a new hotel and entertainment venue at San Manuel facilities in November.

Inland Action endorsed the candidacy of Michael Burrows, Director of Inland Valley Development Agency and San Bernardino International Airport, for IEEP’s Leadership in Public Service Award.  Inland Action members turned out in force for the presentation of his Award at the IEEP November event.

Carole Beswick continued to serve as a member of SANBAG’s Community Advisory Group (CAG) relative to development of toll lanes on the I-10 and I-15.

Carole Beswick and Ken Coate continued to serve on the Southern Coast Air Quality Management District AQMP Advisory Group.



In August of 2017, Inland Action became aware of an opportunity to relocate its offices to the Norton Regional Event Center adjacent to the San Bernardino International Airport.  This opportunity provided not only improved working conditions for staff, but also provides dedicated space for Inland Action Board meetings.  The Executive Committee acted quickly to authorize a move and budget amendment necessary to fund tenant improvements and relocation expenses.  The move provides a much more appropriate facility for our stature and purpose.

Inland Action made a major decision to reverse the order of annual advocacy trips, planning for Sacramento visits in March and Washington, D.C. visits in May.  This change of schedule will be implemented in 2018.

On December 13 Inland Action held a Holiday Open House for members and guests at the home of Carole Beswick. 


Inland Action ended 2017 with fifty-four members.  New members added during 2016 were Inland Empire Health Plan, Inland Valley Development Agency, and Cota Cole & Huber.  Dan Carlone Construction and Soren McAdam withdrew their membership in 2017.  We appreciate the involvement of all our members, as their participation is valuable to the region.


Addenda to Annual Report 

No. 1 – 2017 Listing of Weekly Inland Action Meetings

No. 2 –2017 Washington, D.C. Summary of Issues and Appointments

No. 3 – 2017 Sacramento Summary of Issues and Appointments

Addendum No. 1 – List of Weekly Inland Action Meetings 2017

2017 Weekly Meetings.pdf


Addendum No. 2 – 2017 Washington, D.C. Summary of Issues and Appointments 

Inland Action 2017 Federal Legislative Issues At-A-Glance

Economic Development

  • Support HR 161 (Hastings/Takano Cosponsor), Services for Ending Long-Term Homelessness Act.
  • Support reinstatement of HUD cuts to FHA mortgage insurance premiums to help potential lower- and middle-income home buyers.
  • Support a change in HUD’s loan limit rules to give fairer treatment to both new home development and to homes in submarkets that are much higher price points than other submarkets in the same market area.
  • Support a long-term modification to the Employment-Based Fifth Preference Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5 Program) and consider added reforms to ensure the program complies with its original intent.


  • Support restoration of the year-round Pell Grant to help more Inland Empire students complete college and earn degrees faster.


  • Support HR 857 (Cook/Aguilar Cosponsor) California Off-Road Recreation and Conservation Act of 2017 and S. 32 (Feinstein) California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2017.
  • Support HR 497 (Cook/Aguilar Cosponsor), Santa Ana River Wash Plan Land Exchange Act and encourage other of the Inland Empire delegation to co-sponsor the bill.
  • Support California WaterFix to upgrade California’s aging water infrastructure.
  • Support the Sites Reservoir Project in California, a State-wide solution for water resources.
  • Support excluding water conservation subsidies from gross income.


  • Urge that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Replacement plan be viable, well vetted, and in place prior to any repeal of the current act.
  • Support efforts to increase the cap on the number of primary care residency slots funded by Medicare.


  • Support the Trump Administration Infrastructure Plan for spending up to $1 trillion on restoring infrastructure and a separate component for goods movement infrastructure.
  • Support legislation to clarify that FAA’s interpretation of aviation fuel tax cannot divert locally approved transactions taxes from transportation projects to aviation improvements.
  • Encourage the development of a strategy and coalition with other regions in the country to avoid the loss of transportation funding from EPA proposals to adopt more stringent standards for ground-level ozone and encourage an enhanced federal role in reducing emissions from interstate and international goods movement vessels.
  • Support the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority application for TIFIA financing for the I-10 Express Lane Project.
  • Support TIGER Grant funding for SANBAG’s Rail-to-Redlands Project.

Appointments for Inland Action, Washington, D.C. March 21-23, 2017 

Monday, March 21


8:00 a.m. Inland Action Group Briefing

Palomar Hotel – Bar Area

9:30 a.m. Leticia White, Innovative Federal Strategies
10:00 a.m. Rick Alcalde and Dan Feliz, Potomac Partners, DC
10:00 a.m. Gerard Lederer, Partner

Best, Best & Krieger

12:50 p.m. Bill Burwell, SelectUSA Director
1:30 p.m. Crystal Martinez, Senator Diane Feinstein Staff
1:30 p.m. Anelia Butler, House Natural Resources Com Staff
3:30 p.m. Blake Norton, VP and COO, Police Foundation

Tuesday, March 22


9:30 a.m.


Sean O’Neill, Associated General Contractors

Association of General Contractors’ Townhouse

10:00 a.m. Luke Strimer & Helena Zyblikewycz,

House Transportation and Infra Com Staff


10:30 a.m. Olivia Pham

House Energy and Commerce Committee Staff

11:30 p.m. Kevin Chang, Office of Senator Kamala Harris

112 Hart Senate Office Building

2:00 p.m. –

4:00 p.m.

Meeting w/Legislators – Aguilar Host

House Appropriations Interior Subcom Hearing Rm

Congressman Pete Aguilar

Joe Sheehy, Cong Member Grace Napolitano

Congress Member Norma Torres

Congressman Tony Cardenas

Ruiz is aware.

2:00 p.m. Congressman Ed Royce around 2pm
2-3 p.m. Congressman Alan Lowenthal, 2-3pm
2:30 p.m. Congressman Ken Calvert, around 2:30pm
3-4 p.m. Congressman Mark Takano between 3-4pm
3:00 p.m. Congressman Paul Cook, around 3pm
5:00 p.m. –

7:00 p.m.

Inland Action Legislative Reception

Office of Potomac Partners

7:30 p.m. Congressman Pete Aguilar

Night Tour of the Capitol


Addendum No. 3 – 2017 Sacramento Summary of Issues and Appointments



  • Inland Action supports SB-600 (Galgiani), which will create tax incentives for manufacturing and research and development in order to create more high-wage jobs.
  • Inland Action supports AB-1111 (Garcia), Removing Barriers to Employment Act, which assists individuals with multiple barriers to employment.
  • Inland Action supports SB 3 (Beall) Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 to fund existing affordable housing programs in California.
  • Inland Action supports AB 912 (Obernolte), the California Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act, which would require a State agency to assist small business in complying with all statues and regulations administered by the State agency.
  • Inland Action supports California Strategic Growth Council designation of the City of Ontario as the third location for the Transformative Climate Communities Program. 


  • Inland Action supports full funding of the California State University Board of Trustees’ 2017-18 budget request to ensure eligible California and Inland Empire students have a place at the CSU.
  • Inland Action supports full funding of the University of California’s 2017-18 budget request to expand access for California students.
  • Inland Action urges the repeal of the 11.3% cut to the maximum CAL Grant award and to maintain the $9,084 award amount in the 2017-2018 State budget for students at non-profit institutions. 


  • Inland Action supports the California WaterFix to upgrade California’s aging water infrastructure.
  • Inland Action encourages active participation and support from State and federal agencies in the development and implementation of the Upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan.
  • Inland Action urges the State to implement recommendations outlined in the Long Term Water Use Efficiency Standards report for long-term water use efficiency.


  • Inland Action supports SB 17 (Hernandez) Prescription Drug Pricing because it provides advance notice and information on price increases.
  • Inland Action supports AB 182 (Waldron) and AB 715 (Wood) which are legislative vehicles that seek to address the Opioid Epidemic.
  • Inland Action supports continuation of the Cal MediConnect Program through 2019, as included in the Governor’s Budget Proposal.
  • Inland Action supports future legislation that encourages primary care provider expansion.


  • Inland Action supports SB 39 (Roth) and AB414 (Medina) which would reallocate 4 vacant judgeships from Santa Clara/Alameda Counties to San Bernardino/Riverside Counties.
  • Inland Action supports AB 745 (Reyes) which would designate court commissioners as magistrates in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.
  • Inland Action supports SB 238 (Hertzberg) which allows parties to prepare a digital record of exhibits before they are destroyed.



  • Inland Action supports AB 1523 (Obernolte) which will authorize the use of design build process for construction of the Mount Vernon Viaduct in San Bernardino, California.

Appointments for Inland Action, Sacramento, May 15-16, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017


12:30 pm


Group Lunch at Vallejos (14 for lunch)
2:00 pm Randall Winston, Exec. Dir.

CA Strategic Growth Council

3:00 pm


Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes
3:00 pm Legislative Director Danielle Parsons on behalf of

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte

3:30 pm


Assemblyman Marc Steinorth & Staffer Evan Harris
3:45 pm


Mona Pasquil, Appointments Secretary, Off. of the Governor
4:00 pm


Shanna Legislative Director for Ass. Mem. Freddy Rodriguez
4:00 pm


Senator Connie Leyva


Daniel Seeman-Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs
Tuesday, May 16, 2017


9:30 am


Senator Richard Roth
10:00 am


Assembly Speaker Rendon
10:30 am


Juaquin Pacheco, Staff for Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio
11:00 am


Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia
12:00 pm Lunch at FRANK FAT’S , 806 L Street

Speaker: Felipe Fuentes, The Apex Group

1:30 pm


Assemblyman Chad Mayes – Minority Leader
2:00 pm


Senator Bob Hertzberg
2:00 pm


Senator Mike Morrell
2:30 pm


Victor Munoz, staff for Assemblyman Holden
2:30 pm Assemblyman Jose Medina